Somatic Yoga Therapy

If you’re living with anxiety, depression, stress, physical pain or a long-term medical condition, Somatic yoga therapy may be right for you. This is a gentle and effective practice to help you tap into your body’s internal healing.

Physical symptoms like those named above are signs that your nervous system is in a state of overload. That could come from stress, repetitive movement patterns, old injuries or diagnosed medical conditions. Whatever the source, I’m here to help you learn to guide your nervous system to a calmer state. When that happens, your mind and body can follow along.

Somatic Yoga Therapy is based on the idea that you know what’s best for you. I’ll teach you how to hear and respond to the subtle messages of your body in ways that create long-lasting relief from the symptoms that ail you.

Here’s more information about yoga therapy and what you can expect in a session.

Personalized Self Care Plan

Self care is so important, especially during this pandemic life we’re living. And, ironically, the harder life is, the harder it can be to practice the self care that might make life seem easier. It seems we tend to struggle alone with the self care ideas we think we “should” be doing and guilting ourselves when we don’t get to them.

Let me help you examine self care in a whole new way. Let’s find the things that bring you joy and put together a plan for how to infuse them into your life. We’ll talk about your likes and dislikes, how you choose to spend your time and what you tend to avoid. We’ll look at all of it from a place of curiosity, never judgment.

The end result? A plan based on what will bring you the most joy and counterbalance the parts of life that feel big and hard. You so deserve this.

Here’s a post I wrote about self care in the Autumn months. Your personalized plan will include seasonal components, too, because our connection to Nature is vital.

Grief Support

Not feeling quite like yourself but aren’t sure why? Things like sleep disruptions, anxiety, deep sadness, changes in your appetite and more can be signs that you’re experiencing pandemic-induced grief.

We hear about grief as the response to death or loss of a loved one. But it’s much more encompassing than that. Living in a pandemic has brought many kinds of death and loss into our lives. Loss of life the way we knew it, loss of things that made us who we are, loss of relationships and losses of things we can’t tangibly name but we know we miss them. The list is long and not the same for any two of us.

Together, we’ll name your losses and develop ways for you to honor what they are while identifying the blessings of each. I’m here to help you live in your grief gently and compassionately.

Here’s a post I wrote about my perspective on what grief is and how it shows up.