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"Somatic yoga therapy in general and Elen, in particular, have been key to building the strength and agility that help me enjoy life."
Client Testimonial

What is somatic yoga therapy?

Somatic yoga therapy is an internally-focused way of healing. It guides you to find the root cause of your issue so that you can feel better and live the life you want and deserve.


Years of repetitive movement patterns cause chronic stress, muscular tension, and pain. Somatic yoga therapy uses a learning process called neuromuscular reeducation to teach your body to release those old patterns and build new, healthier ones. Somatic yoga therapy techniques refocus the nervous system, allow for deeper breathing, and create fluid and comfortable movement patterns. Clients often say that they are amazed at how the subtle, quiet nature of somatic yoga therapy yields such profound results.


Those profound results come from treating the cause, not the symptom.


Western medicine has created a culture of masking symptoms by popping pills and buying gadgets to help us feel better. Somatic yoga therapy doesn’t require reliance on external factors. I’ll teach you how to sense and feel what’s happening in your body, and I’ll teach you how to address the cause, not the symptom. 


Because symptoms return. But, by working with the source of pain or movement dysfunctions we can create efficient and long-lasting results.


"[Elen] taught me movements that connected my mind and my body, and helped me understand where some gaps might lie. This was more about small mindful movement than achieving a “big stretch”. I have learned that somatic yoga therapy isn’t just about the movement, but about my mind knowing what my body is doing.”
Client Testimonial

What to expect in an individual session.

Your session will take place at your choice of my private studio in Saint Paul, Minnesota or via Zoom.


Your session consists of four parts:



When you schedule your session, I’ll ask you to complete an intake form which will ask about your  medical history, lifestyle and wellness goals. At your first appointment, we’ll talk through the form, ask each other questions, and I’ll give you an idea of my approach for that session. 


  • Next, I’ll look at your physical posture and ask you questions about what you are feeling compared to what I’m seeing. For example, I might ask if you notice that one shoulder is higher toward the ear than the other. And you might say, “No! What are you talking about?” Many times what I see doesn’t match what the client feels. When we’ve lived with a physical pattern for a while, we tend to not even notice it. That’s called “sensory motor amnesia,” and it guides our work together. 


  • Somatics gives us many different ways to approach the source of pain and physical limitations. Somatic movement, breathing, mindfulness, and other therapeutic yoga techniques will be part of what you learn. And, I will guide you, coach you, and support you as you step into this new way of healing.


  • It won’t take long until you start to feel the results of the work we’ll do together.


  • I’ll provide you with a home practice to support the goals we defined together. I’ll also recommend a set number of sessions as our starting point. My recommendation is usually four or eight weekly sessions, but it does vary by person and situation.

"I credit what I’ve learned from Elen about my body with helping me stay pain free.”
Client Testimonial

Hi. I'm Elen Bahr and I'll be honored to work with you.

For too many years, I suffered from recurring back spasms and long-lasting pain. Then, I discovered somatic yoga therapy. Not only did I learn how to lessen my pain, I decided I wanted to help others do the same.


So, I left my 20 year-long career to go back to school so that I could learn more about the techniques that took my pain away. Now, certified by the International Association of Yoga Therapists, I’ve helped hundreds of people feel better in their bodies.


Somatic yoga therapy is highly effective and efficient. You’ll be amazed at how you can learn to improve your function and move more freely. 

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