About the therapy

Client Testimonial

“Elen taught me the connection between my physical body and my emotions and mental state. I’ve learned to better recognize how I’m feeling and I have tools to manage where I’m at. Overall, I’m more relaxed and I feel happier.”

Somatic yoga therapy is an effective, holistic way to regain free and confident movement, expand your breath, and restore your posture.

The body is an engineering marvel. Muscles, bones, organs, and internal systems work together to keep us moving in the world. And, when something goes awry, the brain is alerted and symptoms ensue. That’s why somatic yoga therapy takes a holistic look at the body that’s bigger than the symptom itself. Symptoms come and go. Somatic yoga therapy offers efficient and long-lasting results.

Here’s how it works

Muscle movement comes from the brain via a steady two-way communication stream within the nervous system. Sometimes, injury, repetitive movement patterns of daily life, or diagnosed medical conditions overwork specific muscle groups to the extent that they can no longer access the communication stream. This is called “sensory-motor amnesia,” or SMA.

Somatic yoga therapy helps us locate areas of SMA and reteach the neural pathways on how to access the communication stream. The therapy is a partnership between therapist and client. As the client learns to sense and feel their body from the inside out, the therapist guides the client through very small, slow movements to lessen or eliminate SMA. Neural muscular reeducation takes place, the communication stream is reestablished, and functional movement improves.

I’ve worked with clients ranging in age from 15 to 87. In every case, the client experienced relief from or resolution of their original concern.

How to get started

If you are currently under a doctor’s care, receiving physical therapy, or visiting a chiropractor, schedule a free 30-minute phone consultation to discuss when would be the best time for you to begin your somatic yoga therapy.

Otherwise, schedule your first appointment, either in person in my Saint Paul studio or as a virtual visit.

I look forward to working with you!