YouTube class links

35 minutes Resistance Bands

Have your resistance band and chair ready for this class. Be sure to work at your own pace and level of resistance. Take breaks as needed and please breathe well as you’re doing the exercises. Here’s the video.


30 minutes Gentle Flow

This video combines gentle breathing and movement to bring more length into the spine and strength into the legs. While there is no specific section to work on balance, the included Crescent Lunge poses have a significant balance component. Props: Chair, optional two blocks. Here’s the video.


30 minutes Yoga for Stronger Bones – on-the-floor options

These poses are shown with me on the floor. If you know the seated versions of them and would like to do that with this video, that will work. Otherwise, choose the other video which shows the chair options for these same poses. Here’s the video.


30 minutes Yoga for Stronger Bones – chair version with standing options

No props needed. Here’s the video.


60 minutes Gentle Flow

This practice has components seated, standing and on the floor. If you choose to sit in a chair, you can use that same chair to create your own variations when I’m on the floor. Consider the chair as a way of raising the floor up to your level. Here’s the video.


15 minutes Morning Guided Meditation

Start your day with this 15 minute guided meditation. It’s a great way to set the tone for your day with an attitude of gratitude. Here’s the video.