Women Doing the Best They Can Workbook

Week Three: Re-examining self care

This week’s experiment is an exercise in looking at what you consider as self care and how you might expand that definition. Rather than self care being a task on the list, maybe you’re already practicing some of it in your day without even realizing it. You can learn to give yourself credit for the things you’re already doing and you can let go of things that aren’t working for you. Because taking care of all of your parts means allowing for imperfections.

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Week Two: Practice accepting all of our emotions

This week’s experiment is a journaling exercise in which I’m inviting you to explore your sources of happiness and how they’ve maybe changed during the virus. I’m inviting you to explore how often you use that happiness as a cover up when you’re interacting with others. I’m asking you to consider letting all of your emotions out to honor your full self.

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Week One: Practicing seeing ourselves

Here’s your first week’s experiment. Go through these pages at your own pace. Invite yourself to not achieve completion. If you get through it all, great. If not, don’t beat yourself up. But – I invite you to step into it with curiosity even if it feels vulnerable. Especially if it feels vulnerable. Because you came here for a place of support and we gotta first start with supporting ourselves, however we can.

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