Client Testimonial

“Somatic yoga therapy in general and Elen, in particular, have been key to
building the strength and agility that help me enjoy life.”

What is somatic yoga therapy?

Somatic yoga therapy is an internally-focused way of healing. It guides you to find the root cause of your issue so that you can feel better and live the life you want and deserve.

Years of repetitive movement patterns cause chronic stress, muscular tension, and pain. Somatic yoga therapy uses a learning process called neuromuscular reeducation to teach your body to release those old patterns and build new, healthier ones. Somatic yoga therapy techniques refocus the nervous system, allow for deeper breathing, and create fluid and comfortable movement patterns. Clients often say that they are amazed at how the subtle, quiet nature of somatic yoga therapy yields such profound results.

Those results come from identifying and treating the root cause, rather than the symptoms.

Western medicine has created a culture of masking symptoms by popping pills and buying gadgets to help us feel better. Somatic yoga therapy doesn’t rely on any of those things. Instead, I’ll teach you how to sense and feel what’s happening in your body, and how to respond in gentle and efficient ways.

Client Testimonial

“[Elen] taught me movements that connected my mind and my body, and helped me understand where some gaps might lie. This was more about small mindful movement than achieving a “big stretch”. I have learned that somatic yoga therapy isn’t just about the movement, but about my mind knowing what my body is doing.”