Introducing Mini-Spa Visits for healthcare workers

Even Superheroes Need to Rest

Does any of this describe your past year?

You’ve worked your tail off to keep people safe. You’ve sacrificed. You’ve been surrounded by unimaginable stress. And it’s taken a toll on your body, your mind and spirit.

You’re an exhausted hero and it’s time for you to rest. 

Join me for 90 minutes in a peaceful and transformative space where you don’t have to hold anyone else up. Where you can regroup and reconnect with a sense of calm. 

Your session will include:

  • Mindfulness practice with somatic movement
  • Gentle yoga one-on-one with instructor
  • Guided meditation
  • Optional diffuser aromatherapy
  • Take-home aromatherapy gift

Schedule your Mini-Spa Visit now.

90 minutes | $120 | HSA eligible under most plans

Also, post-session, I am available to record personalized mindfulness, gentle yoga and/or meditation videos at an additional cost.