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April: Svadhyaya – the yogic practice of self reflection

Wednesdays in April | 7:00 – 7:15 am CDT |
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APRIL 28: Ways to practice Svadhyaya

In this final week of Svadhyaya discussion, we’ll discuss five ways to get quiet, be still and get to know the aspects of our Self like never before.

May: Chakras – our seven energy points and their role in our lives

Wednesdays in May | 7:00 – 7:15 am CDT |

MAY 5: Introduction to the seven chakras

Chakra is the Sanskrit word for “wheel” that refers to energy points in the body. While they’re considered part of the subtle (neither wholly physical or spiritual), they also correspond to our anatomical body and play a role in our overall health and wellness. This week, an overview of where each chakra is found in the body and what it represents.

MAY 12: Stability, Creativity & Gut instinct

This week’s discussion is about the chakras that affect our relationships with Mother Earth (Muladhara/root), friends and family (Svadhistana/sacral) and our sense of self (Manipura/solar plexus.)

MAY 19: Compassion & Communication

As we explore the vast realm of emotions available to us (Anahata/heart) we also consider how we communicate those emotions within ourselves and to others (Vissudha/throat/voice) in a way that is both true and loving.

MAY 26: Intuition & Wisdom

In this final week of our chakra exploration, we look at our capacity for trusting our inner wisdom (Ajna/third eye) as a way to live to our truest enlightenment and best life (Sahasrara/crown.)