Weekday Livestream Classes


Join me Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 8:30 am for classes via Zoom. No pre-registration required. Simply show up.


Woman at home on pink yoga mat. She is seated, and stretching toward her leg while looking at her computer.

8:30 – 9:30 am
Yoga for Strength & Flexibility

This class includes movement, strength training and stretching to keep your muscles working well, improve your posture and balance and create more flexibility.

Yoga pose movement is suitable for all levels of yogi and can be done while standing or seated in a chair. In addition, we’ll strengthen our bodies with squats, wall push ups, planks, crunches, balance and more – using the resistance of our own body weight. For some of the leg and arm work, a resistance band is recommended but not required.

Optional equipment: Resistance bands, yoga block, yoga strap, chair.

8:30 – 9:30 am
Yoga for Stronger Bones

This class teaches ways to increase bone density at any age. Along with breathing exercises and gentle stretching, the class includes a series of yoga poses that can be done at home in just 12 minutes a day.

You’ll stand for most of the poses and will practice some either on the floor or seated in the chair. We will do light stretching to warm up our muscles and then hold the series of 12 poses for 30 seconds each.

Optional equipment: Yoga block, yoga strap, chair.

8:30 – 9:30 am
Somatic Yoga for Greater Mobility

This class includes a series of slow, subtle movements to guide you toward more physical function and reduced muscle tightness and pain. Movements are done in a combination of standing, seated and on the floor.

The focus with Somatic Yoga is about you learning to experience your body from the inside out. As you learn to feel what your body is asking for, you can respond appropriately. You’ll learn to recognize when stress is coming on and you’ll know what to do about it. You’ll experience greater relaxation and movement.

Optional equipment: Yoga block, yoga strap, chair.


Single class – $18
Four classes – $65 (3 month expiration)
Eight classes – $125 (6 month expiration)
One month unlimited classes – $69