Soma Yoga

Mondays 7:00 – 8:00pm via Zoom

What to know about the class

Soma yoga combines somatics, a movement practice based on how the body feels from the inside, with traditional yoga and mindfulness techniques. This lovely mind-body modality helps reeducate our muscles on how to relax fully and go back to their natural state, undoing repetitive movement patterns that can lead to stress, stiffness, and pain.

No previous yoga or somatics experience is needed. These classes will include a standing portion as well as time laying on the floor or a firm bed. Come to class with a yoga bolster (or big pillow or rolled up thick blanket), a yoga block (a thick book or roll of paper towels could suffice), and a yoga strap (winter scarf or bathrobe belt are great DIY options.) Most of all, bring your curiosity and interest in learning how to improve your physical function and release tension from your body and mind.

September schedule: Focus on spinal movement

September 4: Labor Day. No class.

September 11: Low back relief

September 18: Breath expansion

September 25: Increased neck movement

This class is pre-register and donation-based.

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Donate here via PayPal, credit, or debit card. (Suggested donation $10 – $20.)

(Although donations are greatly appreciated, they are not required. If you’re unable to donate, please know that you are more than welcome to practice with the group.)